Year-’round Weekly Specials

Monday – Barbecue Night (Ribs, Chicken)
Tuesday – Lobster Night!
Wednesday – Prime Rib Night!!

Thursday, May through October – Hot Chili Nights! Classic Car Gathering, barbecue on the lawn, live music 6pm – 9pm

Friday-Sunday Drink & Dinner Specials in addition to our fabulous regular menu


June 2019

  • June 6th Money Band 6-9pm
  • June 7th Lost and Found Band 7-10pm
  • June 8th Matt Masih 7-10pm
  • June 13th Ghost Tree 6-9pm
  • June 14th Retreuxspect 7-10pm
  • June 15th Rhythm Rebles 7-10pm
  • June 16th (Father’s Day) Matt Masih 1-4pm
  • June 20th Money Band 6-9pm
  • June 21st Brad Wilson 7-10pm
  • June 22nd TBD 7-10pm
  • June 27th Rod Band 6-9pm
  • June 28th Rhythm Rebels 7-10pm
  • June 29th Stu Hayden 7-10pm

July 2019

  • July 4th Beach Cowboys 6-9pm
  • July 5th Money Band 7-10pm
  • July 6th Keith and The Guidance Band 7-10pm
  • July 11th Tom Ayres + Friends 6-9pm
  • July 12th Red Beans And Rice 7-10pm
  • July 13th Rhythm Rebels 7-10pm
  • July 18th Beach Cowboys 6-9pm
  • July 19th Stu Hayden 7-10pm
  • July 20th Matt Masih 7-10pm
  • July 25th Ghost Tree 6-9
  • July 26th Rhythm Rebels 7-10pm
  • July 27th Money Band 7-10pm   

August 2019

  • August 1st Money Band 6-9pm
  • August 2nd 5 Star Band 7-10pm
  • August 3rd Matt Masih 7-10pm
  • August 8th Rod Band 6-9pm
  • August 9th Rhythm Rebels 7-10pm
  • August 10th Stu Hayden 7-10pm
  • August 15th The Wild West Show 6-9pm
  • August 16th Retreuxspect 7-10pm
  • August 17th Royal Crush 7-10pm
  • August 22nd Beach Cowboys 6-9pm
  • August 23rd TBD 7-10pm
  • August 24 Brad Wilson 7-10pm
  • August 29th Money Band 6-9pm
  • August 30th Michael Anotti 7-10pm
  • August 31st Rod Band 7-10pm

September 2019

  • September 1st Matt Masih (solo)  1-4pm
  • September 5th Money Band 6-9pm
  • September 6th The Beat 7-10pm
  • September 7th Red Beans & Rice 7-10pm
  • September 12th Retruespect 6-9pm
  • September 13th Matt Masih 7-10pm
  • September 14th The Wild West Show 7-10pm
  • September 19th Money Band 6-9pm
  • September 20th Royal Crush 7-10pm
  • September 21st Stu Hayden 7-10pm
  • September 26th Rod Band 6-9pm
  • September 27th Rhythm Rebels 7-10pm
  • September 28th The Money Band 7-10pm

October 2019

  • October 3rd Retruespect 6-9pm
  • October 4th Royal Crush 7-10pm
  • October 5th Michael Anotti 7-10pm
  • October 10th The Money Band 6-9pm
  • October 11th Beach Cowboys 7-10pm
  • October 12th Matt Masih 7-10pm
  • October 17th Rod Band 6-9pm
  • October 18th Rythem Rebels 7-10pm
  • October 19th Stu Hayden 7-10pm
  • October 24th Matt Masih 6-9pm
  • October 25th The Money Band 7-10pm (Halloween Party)